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According to a report issued by the UN, based on official figures for each country, about the murder around the world champion in Brazil is murder and the state of Alagoas is the only one with more than 60 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants. This is an alarming and shameful for a country that tries to show the outside world beyond his limitations and shortcomings, when only masked the results.Civil Police of Alagoas is gradually decreasing, reducing, perhaps even one day disappear. The population is growing and the growth of the police do not follow the population explosion and population. Neither the vacancies are filled, imagine the possibility of creating new jobs. How to fight crime and drug dealing cops in the existing vacancies are not filled and no new jobs are created. You should plan to be applied so that the ratio between the number of inhabitants and the amount of police to ensure an ideal society the necessary security. The rest is a fallacy. The security professional has to be in its essence a strategist. Unfortunately, the occupants of public office work for the Government and not to society. Positions are commissioned, ie the confidence of the governor. Or security officers defending the government until the last consequences, or are out of commands.The Civil Police is being decimated. Poorly paid, poorly qualified, the Police General of Police, Police Academy has a no thirst. It works in a building damaged, without any conditions to promote courses, seminars, meetings. The courses are taught in the auditorium of the hotels or the State Attorney General. The reality of the escalating violence has long been masked. The mask has fallen, but the damage is irreparable.The methodology used has been the adaptation. Use what is best. A few years ago, when earnings amounted to three months delay, one official was arrested because the PM made a statement that shocked the command. He said: "The government pretends YOU PAY, THE POLICE AND POPULATION pretending to work FINGERSPELLED to believe."Crime is a social cancer. It has to be detected before they show, because when he shows the first symptoms, is entrenched and there needs a lot of chemotherapy associated with radiotherapy, pray more strong, more help from nature and still leave sequelae. The example is the proliferation of drug trafficking and weapons, resulting in this sea of ​​sanque covering our state.What is missing to solve the crime problem? Police on the street, police in police stations to meet the immediate needs of society. Planning.The government has spent lots of money to vacate lagoon shore. Slum residents have been evacuated from the time that former President Fernando Collor de Melo was mayor of Maceió. Lacked planning for the urbanization of slums and the lagoon shore was again occupied, because the shacks were there. Besides the Caique and a battalion of police nothing was built. Recently the government of Alagoas withdrew again the residents of the Favela Sururu Capote, Favela Mundaú in the areas of Vergel and Trapiche da Barra and donated all homes in Santa Maria, the Board of Martins. Again the lack of planning meant that the shacks were occupied because the houses are sold at any price and the dealers back to the edge of the lagoon.Besides the money spent and the transfer of problems to the board, since most of the relocated people are involved with drug trafficking, weapons and homicide, the relocation of such personnel also served to strengthen the trafficking since people involved in crime in Tray associate with those who came along and down with them and homiziam lagoon on the edge, making police work in identifying the criminals. This éintercâmbio criminals and money thrown away.In this context, we have to congratulate the state of São Paulo, which has invested heavily in technology to fight crime.What can you expect from a country where education had gone downhill since the neglect of the institution has gained a higher proportion of the vote since the imposition of the illiterate. Since then, the government seems to have lost interest in expanding the public school system, since the less educated, better to be manipulated and thus ensure that the electoral votes.The student can not be disapproved. Have to follow the age group. If it is approved without knowledge, the student loses the ground, does not follow the reasoning, even if it marginalizes, feels a stranger in the nest begins to gazear classes and everything is lost. If you can finish high school can not afford to compete with the private school studentAuthorities or not seen, or do not want to see that the textbooks are teaching funadamental even much more expensive than the technical books and college books, and more importantly content. If you lack job in public school, parents run into other difficulties. If the school pays the private network, can not afford the cost of books and school supplies and so it is not difficult to forecast the result.

One of the consequences of the neglect of education is portrayed as the disapproval of 85% of law graduates who qualify to the final examination of the OAB (Ordem dos Advogados in Brazil). The final result shows who among 121,309 subscribers, only 18,000 were able to approveMonteiro Lobato once said: "A country is made with men and books"

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