sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011


Fate has caught me on this day

Death now comes to take me away;

Before I give the Lord my soul to take,

One last prayer to my son I make.

Listen my son, I speak the truth,

Squander not your time or youth;

For never you'll know when your day is here,

So cherish all which you hold dear.

Love your family and your friends,

For they'll stick with you to the end.

Let burn that celestial fire inside,

Or to yourself you will have lied.

And now my son I pray to thee

Never ever forget me;

That I died a soldiers death,

To keep you free with my last breath.

Now my son the truth is told;

Always remain strong and bold;

Always keep yourself in good standing;

For to you, everything I'm now handing.

The torch I now give to thee,

Hold it high for liberty.

Let the flame burn, forever unbroken,

So you'll never forget the words I've spoken.

By: Dennis Flanagan

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